MWTV Photography is proud to be affiliated with WillowTree Spiritual Arts, LLC, a full wedding services corporation.  WillowTree Spiritual Arts, LLC offers services for all types of weddings, from your basic “Ditch The Courthouse” $300 wedding package through to extravagant castle weddings.

MWTV Photography offers special wedding, engagement and maternity photo shoot packages for all couples who book a wedding package through WillowTree Spiritual Arts, LLC.

We will travel anywhere in the state of Arizona for your wedding.  From a simple ceremony in front of the breathtaking backdrop of Sedona, a cute elopement wedding at The Mission Wedding Chapel in Cave Creek, to a themed wedding at Tombstone or the Elvis Memorial Chapel, through to a fairy tale castle.

Here are 100 ideas for your wedding venue in the state of Arizona. 


1. Frontiere at Rogers Lake, Flagstaff